Our Founder

Hassnain Malik

Founder and President

Whatever we are today is just because of this beloved country so as Let’s Do It Welfare Foundation, we believe serving the people and nation is only a minute pay back against it. Our major focus on free education, plantation, food and health services is a gesture of saying bundle of thanks to Almighty for everything He blessed to our country.
Hassnain believes that every single step towards betterment matters but someone must take an initiative first. He has spent years motivating and inspiring audiences to get out of their comfort zone and get a front-row seat in life. Hassnain is working on youth empowerment and he realized that they don’t excel due to flaws in their early education especially those children who belong to underprivileged backgrounds. Hassnain wanted to make them individuals capable of contributing towards not only their families but society as a whole because they are 1/3 of our population. Hassnain founded “Let's Do It Welfare Foundation" with the agenda that closest to his heart – that of free education for the underprivileged children and help the underprivileged families who are without life essentials.
Hassnain holds a master’s degree in Computer Sciences from the American Institute of Computer, a bachelor’s degree in Science from the University of Peshawar. Hassnain has the vision that every person has the fundamental right to a quality education that will contribute to that individual being able to act on his or her behalf and make informed choices that lead to a dignified and meaningful life. He works as a catalyst in bringing sustainable change in the lives of underprivileged children with a life-cycle approach to development.
Under Hassnain’s leadership, Let’s Do It Welfare Foundation impacted 15,000 lives to live better in a short span of 3.5 years. The outcomes are a testimony to the fact that Let’s Do It Welfare foundation continues to deliver quality education to the underprivileged children.